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Skilled Septic Tank Repair in Sumter, SC!

At Brunson’s Septic Tank & Lot Clearing in Sumter, SC, we maintain the same high-quality service for each of our clients. No matter if you are needing a septic tank repair or installation or if you are looking for help with stump removal or house demolition, the trained professionals at our company can help.

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Diagnostic Checks

With your home’s running water, it is better to be on top of the problem before it ever arises. We offer diagnostic checks for septic tanks and septic systems so that we can find any problems and fix them while they are still minor problems. This allows repairs to be easier and quicker, but it also allows you to keep your system in tacked and with no replacement for much longer.

Installations and Repairs

Our team at Brunson’s Septic Tank & Lot Clearing in Sumter, SC, is happy to provide installation and repairs on septic tanks whenever necessary. As part of our 24/7 emergency service, we can complete septic tank repair and cleaning services properly. Our team knows the proper ways to clean drain lines without killing bacteria necessary to the septic tank’s system.

Lot Clearing and Debris Clean Up

Besides our septic tank repair services, we offer lot cleaning and demolition cleanup. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and need help to remove the debris, we can take care of that. You’re looking to install a back patio? We can clear the land area and prep it for your project.

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Call us today at Brunson’s Septic Tank & Lot Clearing in Sumter, SC, to schedule an appointment for your next septic tank diagnostic check or debris cleanup. We can provide you with quality service that will keep your systems running the way they should with little hassle.

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